Lunch Prep Meal Ideas for Kids

Lunch Prep Ideas for Kids

Sometimes finding quick and easy, cheap, kid friendly lunches is hard, so here are some Lunch Prep Ideas for Kids.

Portioning out some easy kid friendly lunches one time at the beginning of the week sounds way easier than making lunches each day.

These are also great for when you’re on the go.

Just grab a few containers and head to the park or pool.

These are very versatile for you to personalize according to your kid’s likes and dislikes. They don’t like carrot? Swap out celery or grapes if they like those.

I do recommend wrapping chips, crackers, pretzels in baggies or plastic wrap because if you pack it with something that has moisture, they will get soggy.

And since they key here is convenience, only prep one or two of these ideas at a time. No need to make all of these each week.

Some of these need to be heated. My son is old enough to use the microwave on his own, but little ones may need some help with that part.

These are the containers I use, click below to get them from Amazon

Here are my Lunch Prep Ideas for Kids

Slider Sandwiches, Pickles, and Pretzels

King’s Hawaiian Rolls just make lunch sandwiches more fun. Any lunchmeat and cheese, a side of pickles, and pretzels in a bag.

Taking just a few minutes of prep time will save TONS of time getting everything out each day to make them multiple times.

two sliders with pickles and side of pretzels

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas

This is one that will need to be heated. Click the link above or picture below to get the full recipe for the quesadillas.

Portion out some pizza sauce and a few pieces of quesadilla is the perfect kid friendly lunch.

Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas

Taco Dip with Chips

I layered sour cream, taco meat, lettuce, and cheese to make a simple taco dip.

Then put some chips in a baggie on the side.

taco dip and chips in meal prep container lunch prep meal ideas for kids

Air Fryer Everything Bagel Dogs is one of my favorite lunch prep meal ideas for kids

Make a big batch of these pigs in a blanket, made extra special with everything bagel seasoning.

Pack them up with chips and fruit and I’d say that’s a pretty great lunch!

Air Fryer Everything Bagel Dogs

Ham and Cheese Roll Up, Granola Bar, and Carrots

Ham and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla along with a granola bar and carrots.

wrap with granola bar and carrots lunch prep meal ideas for kids

Smoked Turkey Sausage Corn Dog Muffins

These are super easy to make using cornbread mix and smoked sausage.

A fun play on corn dogs.

Pack with fruit or veggie of choice and maybe even a string cheese or fruit snacks.

Turkey, String Cheese, Yogurt, and Pretzels

My kids love turkey by itself so I put a few pieces of turkey, a string cheese, a yogurt and pretzels.

turkey yogurt cheese and pretzels lunch prep meal ideas for kids

And the last of the lunch prep ideas for kids is Salami Roll Ups, Orange, Crackers, and Fruit Snacks

This one I took a little help from the store and bought fruit snacks and fish crackers.

Add an orange and you have a perfectly packed lunch that is ready to go.

salami rolls goldfish and orange lunch prep ideas for kids

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