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Snack Prep Ideas for Kids

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School is about to be out for the summer, and that means those hungry kids will be home all day! EEEEEEEEK! I have lots of Easy Snack Prep Ideas for Kids to help with both convenience and portion control.

These are not fancy at all. They are simple, quick, and easy to prepare since the goal here is convenience.

If you want to cut pepperoni into heart shapes and cute stuff like that…go right ahead.

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My kids are old enough to get their own snacks, but if left to raid the kitchen I would go through a whole week’s worth of groceries in a day or two. So setting boundaries with the kids is key.

Just make sure they know to only take 1 or 2 prepped snacks per day.

These are also perfect for if you are running errands, headed to the pool, or the park. The snacks are already packed and ready to go!

Don’t try and make ALL of these ideas at once. Stick to one or two per week. That way you are only getting the ingredients out ONE time. instead of opening and closing that pretzel bag 50 times a week.

And the assembly for these goes pretty quickly.

I recommend putting any crackers or pretzels in baggies, especially if anything with moisture is included in the container.

These are the containers I used, click below to order from Amazon

Here are my Snack Prep Ideas for Kids

Pretzels, Peanut Butter, and String Cheese

pretzels, string cheese and peanut butter

Cheese Cubes, Grapes, and Goldfish

cheese grapes and goldfish

Celery, Peanut Butter, and Orange

celery peanut butter and orange

Salami Roll Ups and Grapes is one of my kids favorite Snack Prep Ideas

salami and grapes

Carrots with Ranch and Pretzels

carrots ranch and pretzels

Veggie Straws and Applesauce

veggie straws and applesauce

Cheese, Crackers, and Grapes

cheese crackers and grapes

Pepperoni, String Cheese, and Pretzel Crisps

pepperoni cheese and crackers

Strawberries, Nutella, and Pretzels

And the last of the Snack Prep Ideas for Kids… Granola Bar, Salami, and Cheese

granola bar salami and cheese

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