About Me

Well, I can pretty much sum myself up in three ways…

  1. I’m a wife to the most amazing man on the planet and a mother to some wonderful children, plus my Jack Russell who is basically my baby.
  2. I’m a second grade teacher and have been for 20 years now.
  3. I am absolutely, positively OBSESSED with all things food!

My poor husband, kids, and grandkids have to hear me ramble on about the recipes I dreamt up the night before and answer weird questions like which cheese would go best with what.

(This is probably why they encouraged me to start this blog.)

But I will tell you I show my love in food form.

So they do benefit from my creative foodie mind 😉

Cooks Well With Others

I get my recipe ideas from food shows on TV, things my mom and dad used to make when I was a kid, restaurant menus, and my own imagination of course.

When I get inspired by something, that’s when I add my own twists and changes.

I am a self-taught, home cook and I range from simple dishes that I can whip up quickly after teaching all day …to a little more adventurous dishes that I can enjoy cooking when I have more time.

I try to be healthy and cut calories when I can, but I also refuse to live in a world without bacon and the occasional deep fried something or other.

Everything in moderation, right?!

I am hoping you all can use some of my ideas, and benefit from this crazy fun food obsession of mine.

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Hey Can I Get That Recipe Cookbook

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