Car Themed Party Ideas

Car Themed Party Ideas

My daughter and I had so much fun with these Car Themed Party Ideas for my sweet grandson.

He LOVES anything with a motor, totally obsessed with wheels, jeeps, trucks…you name it, he loves it!

So naturally my daughter planned a car themed party for him, and I was happy to help.

baby with cupcake

She did most of these creative ideas, I really only stepped in and helped with a few.

Here are some super cute and easy Car Themed Party Ideas

She cut some veggies and put some ranch dip in a bowl and named these “Dip Sticks”.

A great little snack that she set out as guests arrived.

dip sticks carrots and peppers

Another snack was some Chex Mix that she called “Nuts and Bolts”.

Simply a bag of Chex Mix and added to it was Cheez Its, Frito Twists, and pretzels.

nuts and bolts chex mix

Three bowls filled with fruit in the color of a traffic light was another of her ideas.

Strawberries, mango, and green grapes.

traffic light fruit arrangement for car themed party ideas

And “Spare Tires” were a big hit with the kids.

Donuts on a plate seem extra special with a cute name like this, right?!

spare tire donuts

I made Big Mac sliders, but named them “Big MACK” for the truck, keeping with the car theme.

So yummy and quite the hit!

I baked 3 pounds of seasoned ground beef right on the baking sheet and then assembled the sliders on the Hawaiian buns.

Topped them with cheese, lettuce, and store bought burger sauce.

A little butter brushed on top with sesame seeds to look like a Big Mac.

Pickled were served on the side 🙂

Car Themed Party Ideas

Frozen chicken nuggets were so easy and we called them “Chick Hicks Chicken Nuggets” for the character on the movie Cars.

We set out some dipping sauces like BBQ, ranch, buffalo sauce, and ketchup.

Car Themed Party Ideas

Our side dish was ” Wheelie Pasta Salad”.

Wheel shaped pasta mixed with some carrots, broccoli, cheese, and ranch dressing.

So good, super easy, and very cute.

wheelie pasta salad

My daughter made these Oreo cupcakes with a mix from the store.

But made them extra special with racing flags included in this party pack from Amazon.

cupcakes with racing flags

Sweet boy had the BEST party ever!

Car Themed Party Ideas

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Car Themed Party Ideas

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