Star Wars Birthday Party

And just like that he turned 6! A Star Wars party is what he wanted.

And you know he’s my child when he says “Let’s do a Star Wars party theme…now let’s name the food!!!”

True story!

Meeting Chewbacca

We even got to meet Chewbacca in Disney, he was super pumped!

This kid eats pretty well, he honestly suggested “Stormtrooper Salmon” and “Kylo Ren Crab Cakes”, but we went with more kid friendly (and less expensive) options.

These are obviously not food, but super cute ideas to add to your Star Wars party!

My teens especially got a kick out of these.

The Dark Side

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May The Forks Be With You

R2D2 Roll-ups were simply ham and swiss, turkey and cheddar, and hot dogs rolled up in crescent rolls.

I rolled them in the morning before guests arrived, and they cooked in the oven right before serving them.

R2D2 Rollups

Who doesn’t love a good theme shirt, right? Here we are sporting ours 🙂

Stormtrooper Salad with BB-8 BBQ Dressing is almost stupid simple!

A few bags of the BBQ salad kits from the grocery store (I do add corn and feta cheese) and that’s it.

Obviously this choice was for the adults at the party.

Stormtrooper Salad

C3PO Pretzels were waffle pretzels topped with a Hugs Hershey Kiss, into the oven for like a minute or two until they are a little melty, then press an M&M on top.

Let cool and they are delicious!

Light Saber Fruit Kabobs are skewers with a strawberry and several grapes.

These were a huge hit with the kids.

C3PO Pretzels and Light Saber Kabobs for Star Wars Party Ideas

or Shrimp and Crab Sushi Stacks.

Luke Skywalker Lemonade is lemonade juice pouches and the Yummy Yoda Snack Mix is a bag of Chex Mix, the leftover M&M’s and waffle pretzels (both leftover from the C3PO Pretzels).

Easy Peasy!

Star Wars Party Food

Hash Brown Casserole for the Cheesy Chewbacca Potatoes!

Cheesy Chewbacca Potatoes for Star Wars Party Idea

Found this somewhere on the internet and printed them out for party favors, they gave everyone a good laugh for sure.

Yoda Star Wars Party Bags

I take a lot of help from the store when planning a party.

I want to enjoy the party and not stress over making the food.

If you give everything a cute name no one even notices it’s not home made.

I prep everything I can the evening before.

Let me know in the comments if you ever need help naming food for your themed party (any theme), it’s an odd talent of mine (if you even want to call that a talent- haha)

May the force be with you and your Star Wars party!

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