Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Yes, you read the title correctly…A Dog Birthday Party.

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with spoiling my dog.

So, yes, I threw him a dog birthday party.

It was a fun excuse to get my family together and give them even one more good reason to make fun of me 🙂

Naming food is what I do best for a party, so here are my best dog-themed party food ideas.

As always, I keep it simple by making some things from scratch, but taking help from the store to save my sanity.

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What better food to fit my doggie theme than a Hot Dog Bar?!?!

The Hot Diggity Dog Bar had ideas for hot dogs and also an assortment of toppings.

I grilled them ahead of time and put them in a big pot on the stove on low to keep them warm.

Hot dog buns were kept in my crockpot on the “keep warm” setting.

Hot Dog Bar Ideas

Get as creative as you want with your toppings, or keep it simple.

I made sure I had your basic ketchup, mustard, relish.

But also added some fun stuff like bacon, BBQ sauce, cheese, and jalapenos. Make it your own 🙂

The Buffalo and Southern Dogs were the favorites!

Hot Dog Bar Toppings

Easy snack food with adorable names…”Pup”corn, Vet Approved Veggie Tray, and “Paw”tato Chips

dog party ideas

“Pup”eroni and Cheese Tray and “Collar”ed Greens (which was really just a salad).

cheese and salad

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Something sweet for the humans (since Harley had his very own doggie cake) Salted Caramel Pretzel “Bark”

(Seriously, you NEED this dessert in your life, try it!)

pretzel bark


dog birthday presents

Even if my family thinks I’m crazy, a good time was had by everyone at the dog birthday party (including the birthday boy) and the food was delicious.

dog party

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